The 28 Day Less Stress Challenge

Reduce your stress level with this online challenge!

Begins January 14th

Stressed out? You are not alone.

Stress levels are increasing dramatically within our society and they’re taking a toll on our health, our happiness, our marriages, our families, our friends, and our bank accounts. We have come to accept stress as a factor in our daily life and living with constant stress seems inevitable and unavoidable in today’s world. But stress doesn’t have to be our future, you can choose to learn to live with less stress.

We often blame our stress level on outside forces because it seems easier to blame a client, the system, the world, or just about anyone or anything that isn’t ourselves. But the truth is, it is up to us to take charge and take control of our stress levels.

Reduce your stress level with this online challenge!

Stress is a wide-spread pandemic in our country and in many others. There is no special tonic or vaccine to protect you from it either. But there are ways to build up your immunity towards stress.

For the last decade I have been working with clients that are stressed out and overwhelmed, helping them manage and reduce their stress so they can focus on thriving, instead of just surviving.

Now, I realize that not everyone has the ability or resources to work one-on-one with a coach over an extended period, but I believe that everyone deserves to live as stress free as possible. So, in order to help create a world with less stressed people in it, I have taken the learnings from my one-on-one, on-going coaching experiences and designed the accessible and effective* Less Stress Online 28-Day Challenge.
* In previous challenges those who participated in the entire 28 days experienced an average of 54% (self-reported) reduction in their stress levels. That’s more than half of their stress removed from their lives!

Can you imagine what you could create, what you could do, and who you could be, if you had 50% less stress in your life?

Join me, and as a community we will journey through 4 weeks of daily tips, tasks, and explorations with the intention of reducing stress. The process will take place online (Facebook) and via email, and I will be with you every step of the way.

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Your Guide

I am Carrie Williams, an evidence-based trained PCC (professional certified coach with the International Coach Federation) executive and leadership coach, Amazon bestselling author, founder of RainShadow Coaching, 2022 President of ICFLA (International Coaching Federation Los Angeles Chapter), and self-proclaimed stress geek.

I have been coaching high-stress and burned-out clients for over a decade, helping them get back to a place where their stress is under control and they can begin to dream and plan for a bold and fulfilling future.

But more importantly, I have walked in your stressed-out shoes.

My Stress Story

Fifteen years ago, I was running myself ragged. I said yes to everyone but myself. I was working at one of the busiest commercial casting companies in Los Angeles, while simultaneously running a family business in Alaska, and starting a second business in California.

I was the go-to girl. Even when my schedule was already booked solid, I still accepted any challenge and (somehow, even if it killed me) I always delivered. I made it a point never to disappoint anyone… except myself. After years of living like this, I was one hundred pounds overweight, overwhelmed with exhaustion, and experiencing random stress-induced anxiety attacks.

I was needed, necessary, and utterly miserable.

You are not alone in this struggle with stress. Whatever the causes of your stress may be; work, family, time-management, overwhelm, pandemic, finances, the solution to your stress is YOU.

This may feel overwhelming to hear, but it is also exciting and empowering. You don’t have to stay a stressed-out mess. You don’t have to say no to exciting adventures because you are so maxed out. You don’t have to live a life limited by stress.

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By participating in Less Stress Online 28-Day Challenge
you’ll gain more than clarity and a greater peace of mind.

Begins January 14th!

How it works

This workshop will take place via email and Facebook.

Once you sign up you will receive an email inviting you to join the Stress Master Challenge Page, if you do not receive it, please check your spam folder.

There will be a daily post with daily tasks or techniques, each day's challenge should take approx. 20 minutes.

Disclaimer: This program is not therapy and is not intended to be a substitute for therapy. Results are not guaranteed and will vary by participant.

The Cost

As I mentioned earlier, I understand that not everyone can work one-on-one with a life coach. But this is not a good enough reason to NOT seek and receive the coaching that you need and deserve.

At the total cost of $197, the Less Stress Online 28-Day Challenge is affordable and effective. It’s an investment that will continue to benefit you for life! Because no matter how long a life you might live, stress will always be a factor in it. With the help of this program though, it no longer needs to be in abundance.

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Stress Sucks!

Psychology Today calls stress Public Enemy Number One.

“The ripple effect of a fearful, isolated, stressed-out society increases cortisol levels across the board for Americans of all ages, [creating] a public health crisis and a huge drain on our economy.”

Abundant scientific research has shown us how chronic stress floods the body with corrosive hormones that shrink our brains, thicken our waistlines, confuse our chromosomes, and more. 

If not for a calmer state of living, maybe keeping your brain from shrinking, your waistline from growing, and your chromosomes for getting all kinds of confused will motivate you? How about the possibility of death?

Okay, you may think I’m being a little dramatic here, but the truth is stress IS a killer, and it’s had a hold of you for far too long.

No matter what the motivation is, you’ve made it this far. Don’t you think it’s time you take the next step to getting your stress under control?

You CAN do it! 

Leveraging “good stress” is to your advantage and there are skill sets that can be learned and quickly embedded through practice of a few simple mental processes. The framework for Less Stress Online 28-Day Challenge is established neuroscience and psychology in the rich field of stress management, with resilience-building tools made actionable through lively, memorable stories and its interactive workshop style.

As I mentioned earlier, stress is a factor of life. No one can promise to remove all your stress for you. But by participating in this program, I promise that your life and stress levels will never be the same again. After just four weeks, you’ll have the tools to help you live a less stressful life. And you’ll be all the better for it.

Join Me! 

I’m not here to provide you with more stress in your life. I’m here to help relieve you of the overwhelming, exhausting, frustrating, and hurtful exposure to stress in your daily life.

The simple fact is that you wouldn’t be here reading this far in unless you were already aware of just how much and how badly the stress in your life is getting to you. Waiting any longer to take those first steps into a less stress filled life will only cost you more in the long run.

Take this moment to invest in less stress. Register for Less Stress Online 28-Day Challenge and begin living the life that you deserve.

Don't take my word for it.

Emily R. Lawyer

“Working with Carrie has reduced my stress immensely. I am a Type A, constant stresser. Carrie has helped me find perspective, to step back & analyze things from a logical rather than anxiety-based mindset. She has taught me goal setting so that I can maximize my potential without being derailed by stressors. She has also helped me to prioritize my self-care to make sure I’m taking care of my body, mind, & mental health.”

Marsha B. Professional Actress

“Carrie has taught me that I am in charge of my stress. She has helped me to change life-long stress patterns, and to feel the freedom of being in charge of my own thoughts and behaviors. With her help, I have managed to lose weight, embark on a new career, and be in charge of my future. I am 75 years old, but with Carrie’s guidance I feel like I can still dream and look forward to my next adventure.”

Carol C. Private tutor for special-needs children

“Carrie’s calm and encouraging demeanor made the 28-Day Less Stress Challenge an adventure rather than another stressful burden. Learning how to identify stress triggers and approach them with a Growth Mindset (”Not Yet” vs “Fail”) has been life changing for me. I didn’t realize how much I needed this challenge until I took it!”

Don't wait! We start on January 14th!

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